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Portola Institute, Inc.

The Whole Earth Catalog is one division of PORTOLA INSTITUTE, INC. Other present activities of the Institute include

Computer education for all grade levels
Simulation games for classroom use
Ortega Park Teachers Laboratory

PORTOLA INSTITUTE was established in 1966 as a nonprofit corporation to encourage, organize, and conduct innovative educational projects. The Institute relies for support on private foundations and public agencies, to whom specific project proposals are submitted.

Because Portola Institute is a private organization with no need to produce profits or guarantee "success", it can experiment with new and unusual educational projects that would be difficult to administer within more structured organizations. For this reason the staff and facilities of the Institute are deliberately kept small and flexible.

Within its framework a wide variety of projects dealing with innovative education can be created as people with ideas are able to interest people with funds. New projects are always being considered, both within the existing divisions and programs, and within as yet unexplored realms of the learning experience.