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Other People's Mail - No. 1

Stock Letter No. 1

My wife, unborn child and I are looking for a place to get back to God. We have looked at what is offered by U.S. and Canadian society and don't feel it has what we are looking for. I went two quarters at the U. of Wash, and from my own experience plus talking to others don't feel that a formal education is what I'm seeking. Work is fine, but only when constructive and meaningful; jobs that are these are few.

What we are looking for is a communal farm that could use two healthy human beings, (almost 3)

What we have to offer is youth (both 19), a will to learn and grow and faith.

Our financial situation is quite good as I am from an uppermiddle class background.

We have been vegetarians for more than a year now and believe in the organic way.

If you can help us in any way we shall be eternally grateful.

Love and Peace, Jim and Penny Kelso Seattle, Washington

Stock Answer No. 1

All the communes are crowded and seldom can use newcomers unless they have money to dispense or unusual pratical skills.

Community is a matter of making, not finding. Start your own.

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