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Other People's Mail - No. 2

Stock Letter No. 2

I am a graduate student at the University, of California, Davis, and am working on a project involving "Intentional Community Organization." After looking at the Spring I969 edition of the Whole Earth Catalog, I realized that you might be able to assist me. At present, I am trying to compile a list of communes, collectives, hip colonies, and other forms of communal organizations in the northern California area. The list will serve as a population from which a sample will be selected to be used in a study of child rearing and socialization.

The geographic area which I am interested in is northern California and western Nevada bounded on the south by Big Sur and Fresno.

I am specifically concerned with the items listed on the attached sheet, but any information or leads you might be able to supply would be of great benefit. If, at a later date, any of my findings become pertinent to your interests, I would be happy to share them.

I think the Whole Earth Catalog is relevant and interesting. I hope you'll be able to keep publishing it for a long time.

Your time and efforts are very much appreciated.

Frank Nicassio Davis, California

Stock Answer No. 2

Communes aren't too interested in being studied, unless you feel like paying them.

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