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The Earth is the Center of the Universe! by Bible-Science Association

Your headquarters for Creationism over Evolution.  The booklet Geocentricity offers, for $.35, Biblical and scientific proof that the Earth is standing still at the center of a revolving Cosmos.  I'm with them - screw all those telescopes and astronomy stuff anyway.  Humanists like Copernicus, who say the planet is nothing special, are just trying to avoid thinking about The Judgement. "It is not the Earth that is spining, but the sky that is spinning."  Something's spinning, that's for sure.  Free catalog of books, audio cassettes, and videos (!) on the real history of our planet, all Biblically verified.  Adam and Eve lives 6,000 years ago.  Videos of the ruins of their home, and also of the Tower of Babel.  Native Americans are ancient Hebrews.  Photos of the Ark of the Covenant.  "Giant Man Track" next to dinosaur footprints in Texas prove Covenant Men walked with the Great Reptiles.  $.50 for a dozen tracks, Newsletter, $12/yr.