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How To Use This Book

THE Millennium Whole Earth Catalog is an evaluation and access tool. Our reviewers introduce books, magazines, tools, software, video- and audiotapes, organizations, services, and wild ideas you might not have known about.

We're here to point, not to sell. We have no financial obligation to any of the suppliers listed. Our obligation is accuracy for the reader.

We only review stuff we think is great. Why waste your time with anything else?

An item is listed in the Catalog if it is deemed:

- Useful as a tool.- Relevant to independent education.
- High-quality or low-cost.
- Easily available
- preferably by mail order.

The listings are continually revised and updated according to the experience and suggestions of Whole Earth Catalog users and staff. The latest news and access can be found in our award-winning magazine, Whole Earth Review. (A subscription information card is bound in - see inside back cover.) You are invited to submit comments, ideas, articles, reviews, photographs, and suggestions. We pay for what we print. For details, see page 384.

- The Last Whole Earth Catalog (1971) presented Gurney Norman's "Divine Right's Trip," a serial novel that occupied a corner of each right-hand page. The Next Whole Earth Catalog (1980) featured Anne Herbert's similarly situated "Rising Sun Newsletter." MWEC is proud to proffer "Frank's Real Pa," a whimsical, mystical, sinister, wordless narrative by Jim Woodring.

- Computer "morphing" technology makes possible the transformation of any image into any other image. We've added some anima tion to MWEC via "flip morphs" in the outside margins of the pages.

- No mere arrows or pointing hands, our cross-reference pointers convey the Whole Earth jump-into-it attitude. "Frank," Jim Woodring's quasi-feline Everyman, jumps into a pool of possibilities to direct you to related material. For example, a page listing Internet-available health care resources will point you to the page where you can learn how to use the Internet.

- JD Smith goes way back with Whole Earth. You'll see his short-short stories here and there throughout MWEC. JD's sources are real, his ear is true, and his language is wryly funny.

- Senior editor James Donnelly draws inimitable cartoons during meetings. The more painful or tedious the meeting, the more surreal the byproduct.

Several of these little gems of high weirdness are sprinkled in appropriate places.