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Hearts and Hands: A Midwife's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by Elizabeth Davis

1997; 287 pp. $21.95. Celestial Arts.

Midwife means "with woman"; if you want a birth practitioner who views birth as a natural process rather than a medical procedure, who will pay more attention to nutrition and counseling, and who will guide you throughout active labor rather than pop in at the last moment for "the catch," then you should probably choose a midwife rather than a doctor. Written by one of America's leading direct-entry midwives for other midwives, Heart & Hands is also a marvelous resource for any woman (or partner thereof) who really wants to understand the processes of pregnancy and birth. The book provides all the information regarding physical assessment, labor, and delivery, along with fabulous medical illustrations by Linda Harrison and photos by renowned birth advocate Suzanne Arms.

Most importantly, it offers detailed advice on handling the equally significant emotional aspects of pregnancy and birth. The chapter on difficulties in pregnancy includes estranged couples, lesbians, single mothers, and abuse issues, along with high blood pressure and postdatism. Among the labor trouble discussions is a moving and detailed account of stillbirth that is both harrowing and compelling, drawing focus to an issue often downplayed or ignored in pregnancy guides. The final chapters?on becoming a midwife and the midwife's practice are a must for anyone considering this fulfilling and arduous profession.


ISBN: 1587612216

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