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Jamming the Media: A Citizen's Guide - Reclaiming the Tools of Communication by Gareth Branwyn

1997; 353 pp. $18.95. Chronicle Books.

Once upon a time there was an ornery freelance graphic artist who felt his creativity was being crushed by trips back and forth to the drawing board. So he decided to reduce his time working on "happy packages" for corporate clients, and focus instead on discovering new ways to "jam" the hand that fed him. He found so many different ways of skewering the media, including the Internet, publishing zines, and pirate radio broadcasting, that he decided to share them in a book.

Gareth Branwyn's Jamming the Media includes a glossary of "new media terms" for those not well acquainted with the cyberworld, a section on how to be a hacker, and a listing of hip new zines that deconstruct media. Pirate radio broadcasts and media hoaxes are just two of his media-jamming methods, and he writes about them with the adolescent glee of a teenager who enjoys shooting spitballs at his teacher. This book offers a large variety of materials, sources, and how-to knowledge if you're new to the world of media jamming. Step by step instructions on how to use a television camera, film in Hi-8, or take to the radio airwaves, and access to many resources, including websites, magazines, publishing software, and organizations that will help you in your quest to take back the tools of communication.


ISBN: 0811817954

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