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Drink As Much As You Want and Live Longer: The Intelligent Person's Guide to Healthy Drinking by Frederick,M. Beyerlein

The author, a Sacramento nutritionist, believes in a nutritional cure for virtually all the physical ills attributed to alcohol, from hangovers and beer bellies to serious liver damage. Ingest the right "life-force nutrients"?vitamins, minerals, lipotropic factors, protein, water, fiber, and herbs?and you can down prodigious amounts on a regular basis without suffering for it later.

Beyerlein compares his extensive regimen (nutrients to take and comestibles to avoid before, during, and after drinking) to a boxer's preparation and medical treatment. In true Loompanics fashion, he says that he doesn't mean to encourage drinking, "but if you drink I can teach you to drink healthier." He makes no claims to alter behavior under the influence (the words "drinking and driving," one major impediment to a long, healthy life, never appear). No one here has field-tested the book. If any readers do, send us the results.


ISBN: 155950188X

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