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Books and Other

Publications such as The Whole Earth Software Catalog, Beyond Reason, and Space Colonies don't fit very well with the others, hence the category of Books and Other. This group of publications was specific subject related and often included articles and features that had been, published in one of the other Whole Earth Catalog family of publications. By explanation, Stewart Brand wrote in SPACE COLONIES, A CoEvolution Book:

"Most of this book is Used Information. It is reprinted from various issues of The CoEvolution Quarterly, a California-based peculiar magazine.

You can look at that news two ways. If you operate by the Bread Model of Information, it's terrible news. You’ve been gypped — stale information.

On the other hand if you view information as something fundamentally different from bread, there's the possibility of good news. Having lived longer, the information here may be wiser, more co-evolved with the world."

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