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In 1997, WHOLE EARTH REVIEW changed its name to WHOLE EARTH and the motto from "Access to Tools and Ideas" to "Access to Tools, Ideas, and Practices." Peter Warshall, the Editor at that time said:

"If you want a throw-away magazine, Whole Earth is not for you. We publish a magazine that readers have hoarded, prowled inside of, stored in garages and cellars. Whole Earth is a dialog as much as a magazine. Staff, readers, citizens, scientists, writers, politicians, kids, inventors, savvy dabblers, clowns, even wildlife and our pets participate. We like readers to take at least three months (we're a quarterly) snooping around. We've changed a bit."

"Over the last quarter-century, we've learned that access to tools and ideas is not enough. Practice and experience refine handwork and wisdom, make it better, secure a more subtle touch. So, we've changed our Motto from 'access to tools and ideas' to 'access to ideas, tools, and practices.'"

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