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Guest Editors - The Black Panther Party

It is and honor and a relief to turn over the editorship of this entire issue of THE CoEVOLUTION QUARTERLY to the Black Panther Party. A relief because the usual CQ staff is buried under a mountain of books getting out the WHOLE EARTH EPILOG. An honor because the Panthers are the most effective community service-and-organization group I know.

It's a good deal for us. We pay the cost of production and of printing 10,000 copies. The income and costs from those should about equal out. An additional 10,000 copies are being printed and sold by the Panthers, with income going into their "survival programs" {model activities, it seems to me, for cities everywhere,  especially as times grow harder around us.)

Our usual tight control of guest editors prevail — we haven't any idea what's in the magazine until it hits the street. Now that it's out, we know, and you know, and maybe the Panthers ought to have guest editorship of the City of Oakland for a while.