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Two afternoons at the Whole Eartth Jamboree Talk Stage

SB:  To be fair, and also to be interesting, we're going to be very strict about the five minutes.  I have here a timer.  I'll introduce each speaker, I'll set the timer, and they can see their time proceeding along to zero, and then you'll hear - RIIINNGGG! - that lets them know and you know that they have 15 seconds to conclude beautifully before their microphone tapers down to nothing.  At which' point you should vigorously applaud, because if they are awkwardly having to end a poem in midstep or something, they need to be appreciated for their problem.

The other rule we have is this.  By the nature of the event, people would feel obliged to say nice things about the Whole Earth Catalog, because we're calling it the Whole Earth Jamboree, and ten years ago the Catalog started.  But it seems a waste of all our time to hear various people try to praise the same thing. Since the only way to keep people from going into that mode is to forbid it, we have forbidden it.  And we need your help to enforce that.   If any of the speakers say anything flattering about the Whole Earth Catalog, CoEvolution Quarterly, or its editors, then just give them a little mild boo that lets them know that they're off subject.  They can say bad things about us, but not nice things. They can say nice things about you, about this place, about the National Park Service (which I may do a few myself). Are there any questions about the format? Once it gets going, it's like shooting rapids, we're gone.